We are known as the FUCK PH ORGANIZATION. We all agree, that the word FUCK; alone may be vulgar to many. Though, I strongly believe in freedom of expression. And this rebel expression is the response to the disease. Saying it "OUT LOUD" helps relieve the daily anxiety, pains and struggles from living with P.H. Most of our team, supporters, friends and family are directly affected by a deadly and very rare lung disease known as; PULMONARY HYPERTENSION. Abbreviated ( PH ) and it can strike anyone, without warning at anytime. Please research and be educated: For more info > ( PULMONARY HYPERTENSION )


OUR MISSION: The FUCK PH ORGANIZATION was formed in 2015. To facilitate a strong support system amongst friends, family and everyone impacted by this deadly disease. We are not asking for donations, we are simply asking for your support and awareness. Our fundamental idea is simple; "Organizing a way to a cure, by helping each other survive our daily struggle" Follow us on social and get involved! Don't forget our Official FUCK PH Organization slogans are: #SAYITLOUD #SAYITPROUD #AKISSFORACURE #FUCKPH.

Thank you for your time and support !

- Samantha Ramirez ( Founder, PH survivor | Post Double Lung Transplant 9+ Years )